The best holiday vacation bag

Are you about to embark on holiday or vacation? Going overseas? Is it a trip if a life-time or just a quick getaway?

It’s all so exciting until you’re faced with packing your suitcase the night before. What’s the climate? How many outfits do I need?  How are you going to mix and match your holiday wardrobe and fit it all in suitcase with a 20kg limit?

Here’s our quick guide on how to pack light and travel in style.

Ok I’m going to tell you straight, while I love the look I won’t be carrying a straw tote on my next trip. Not only are they uncomfortable, they don’t look good after a long-haul flight in your suitcase.

Travel in Style

If you’re a spontaneous and adventurous traveller then your best bet to take a versatile bag.

There’s no better way to enjoy a day-trip than to be carrying the right bag.

Firstly, make sure that its comfortable to carry. While it’s a nice idea to purchase a small cross body bag that only has enough room for a credit card and your passport, it’s little use if you want to carry an ipad or magazine and a jacket from the hotel to the beach or café.

Must-have Vacation Accessories and Handbags

Plus, if you travel often, don't skimp on expense. You're better off paying more now than buying something that will unravel in the middle of nowhere - and that you'll have to replace.


So what makes The Sofala reversible travel handbag so good? It will easily pack flat in your suitcase. It's size is not too large, so it makes it the most comfortable everyday bag and the perfect travel companion. It won’t dig into your shoulder and it’s not overly large but will hold everything you need. There’s an internal zip-top pouch which you can attach to the inside of the bag – to keep your valuables safe. You could even use the pouch as a small clutch if your out later in the evening!

 The Best Travel Handbag


This bag is sturdy and is handmade from the finest soft full-grain textured European cowhide leather accented by an embossed logo and tassel. So with my own impending travels in mind, I consulted Vogue and here are a few ways they suggest to get you to the departure lounge with a lot less baggage!

  1. Pick one - and only one - statement item

Things would be a whole lot easier if packing light were mutually exclusive. In situations like these, I pack one statement coat and layer with thin thermals underneath. It’s the best way to stay warm and sartorially on point without feeling too weighed down. 

For summer travels, it’s maxi dress pared back with  flats for day.

Everyday Boho luxe travel in style


 2. Choose your knits wisely

When it comes to packing light in earnest, cashmere and merino wool reigns supreme. I avoid packing cotton knits – they’re heavy, bulky, and also takes a lot longer to dry if you’re doing your laundry on the go. 


3. Pack a matching set

Coordinating separates are back with a sartorial vengeance, lending instant street style cred while guaranteeing you an infinite amount of outfit possibilities. Wear the top and bottom as an outfit in itself, then mix and match with other items in your suitcase.

4. The LBJ is the new LBD

Not only is it a refreshing alternative to a dress, but the Little Black Jumpsuit also doubles as trousers – just throw a top or a turtleneck sweater over it and you have yourself a brand new outfit. Yes, it sounds almost banal, but when you’re living out of your suitcase, it’s all about the implied versatility and things that can do double duty.


5. The go-with-everything sneaker

Though the comfort level is undeniable, I still struggle with confidently wearing sneakers without feeling like I’m off to a boxing class. My workaround? I pair them with more dressy items, like a delicate lace dress or a statement faux fur coat. Taking shoes out of context and wearing them with unexpected things makes for a convincing style statements.  

6. The only accessory you’ll need

A reversible tote bag is the perfect go-to. It not only carries all your daily essentials but with limited room in your suitcase you won't get caught out on your next holiday with just a tan bag you can have the black too. Also available in Navy and Orange - click here to see more.


Reversible Travel Tote the best holiday vacation handbag

  1. If all else fails, wear all black (or all white)

It might seem like the easy way out, but keeping your outfit tonal (white on white especially) will make you look instantly and effortlessly put together – when all you did was wear two things of the same colour, together. 

 What to wear on holiday

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September 16, 2017 by nikki williams

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