10 Reasons why I love handbags so much

I'm not really comfortable answering questions like 'What inspires your designs' or 'what is the color of the season'....I never really know how to answer them. While I've said it before and I'll say it again "I'm inspired by my country upbring and days spent as a child on the farm", inspiration isn't something you can easily explain.

But, I can tell you why I became a handbag designer and not a fashion designer or jewellery maker. At heart, I'm a practical, take not s**t kind-a girl. I was very much a tom-boy growing up, but definitely always had a girly side. I love that handbags are strong, yet feminine.....and here's a few other reasons why I love them. 


 Go ahead and get seconds – handbags always fit :) .  No sizes - yay!

You can carry the same bag for weeks at a time and no one thinks you’re in need of changing your look.

A good leather handbag makes whatever clothes you’re wearing an insta-outfit (come on you know you love Instagram!)

They’re your safe place – everyone knows never to rifle through a woman’s bag, even a friend.

 In an emergency situation, a handbag can sometimes be used as a weapon...and if you're anything like me it's always filled with an array of useful things.

If you buy a good quality bag, handbags hold their value better than anything else in fashion....and even the stiockmarket (see our previous post)

Handbags allow us to safely transport our smartphones, which we need for absolutely everything in our lives. 

Most bags come in a variety of colors and are produced for more than one season. So if you buy a bag this year, you know it will still be in fashion next year...unlike that dress you just bought...(sorry, not so sorry fashion designers!)

Your bag, unlike your clothes, won’t be wrinkled and slightly haggard-looking at the end of a long workday and they can be wiped clean :).

There’s no way around it – carrying a gorgeous leather bag makes you look elegantly cool, and we like looking elegantly cool.

Bags of love,

Nikki x

Nikki Williams

Me (and my sister) on our farm (I'm the one in red).
I'm wearing my cousins hand-me-down leather boots (they too are responsible for my love of leather goods).
January 27, 2018 by NIKKI WILLIAMS

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