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Australia is in the grips of one of the worst droughts in history. Last month was the second-hottest July on record, and the driest since 2002. Sheep 🐑 and cattle 🐄 are laying dying in paddocks across the country, as farmers work every day to feed their stock. The price of grain and hay is rising. The price of stock is falling. Everywhere is dust, and the trees are dying. There's not a cloud in sight. 

So to help out, we are donating 50% OF SALES to BUY A BALE @buyabale this week. 

Living in the city it’s hard to envisage or even understand what a drought is like. Just think, how you would feel if you worked for 12 months and then didn’t get paid - that's what its like when a farmers crop fails.  For many, last years earning (and life savings) has gone on feeding animals to keep them alive. A cow can survive on a bale of hay a day, a bale cost $20. Many farmers are trying to keep whole herds alive. 

But its not only financial, imaging you got home at the end of the day, dirty, tired and can hardly spare the water to brush your teeth? In the small town Sofala (nearby where I grew up), I know people are driving 50km to town to do their washing.  Rural communities rely on rain water stored in their own tanks, there’s no council water-main, just like there’s no weekly garbage collection. Rural people are in many ways self-sufficient, but they need our help now.

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On a more personal note, my family, who have been on our farm for over 45yrs, have seen many dry spells and and droughts, but this is by far the worst I have ever seen our farm. It's concerning that the drought is so  widespread - 100% of NSW is now drought effected. 

My family, like all farmers have worked very hard all their working lives to improve the land and live stock. Many farmers cannot take a break because of the constant feeding, watering and checking on stock. It's exhausting work and you can't take a day off, not one. 

Last weekend, I wasn’t designing handbags, sipping coffee or posting pretty pictures on Instagram, I was helping my own family move cattle to water on our farm outside of Sofala in Central Western NSW. Just like the rest of Australia our farm is in drought. It hasn't rained for months and things are getting harder. 

The pictures below are photos I took of our farm and our hungry cattle.


Drought in Australia NSW

This is how dry it is at our place. It’s so sad right now. In many places it’s the worst drought since records began.



Razorback Rd Upper Turon Sofala

Not a cloud in sight. It hasn't rained for months. Everything is brown and bare.



NSW Drought Buy a Bale

We found them some water, but nothing to eat. One of the last pools of ground water around for miles.


Sheep Dog

 My Dads trusty dog Nell. Her face says it all.

But what’s the point I hear you say? Why do farmers stuggle to hold on to their animals? As the entire country (well 99% of it is in drought) no farmers actually want to buy any stock. If they sold their animals now at such a low price they would never be able to afford to buy them back. Many farmers have also spent years breeding the best animals, so you get to enjoy the best produce and the best food.  We need them. They need us. That’s why we need to support them now.

You’ll be helping us send farmers a bale and of hay to help feed their animals. So BUY A BAG or if you can spare $20 for a bale of hay which will feed 1 cow for a day head to to lend a hand. 

Thank you - NW x


Nikki Williams



August 08, 2018 by NIKKI WILLIAMS



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