The way you carry your bag says...

Do you tuck it under your arm or sling it over your shoulder? The way you carry your bag makes a bigger statement than you might expect.

Think about the way you carry your favorite bag —do you typically grab it and arrange it on your arm (or shoulder) the same way, no matter what? According to body language experts, it's not a totally random decision. Instead, we're revealing a lot about our personality whenever we've got a bag in hand.

Here body language experts decode some of the most common positions to carry a bag.


Way #1: Worn over one shoulder with the wearer keeping the bag close to your body

You're practical and know how to take care of yourself. It points to the wearer prioritizing her freedom of movement over the display elements. In other words, you're not just a pretty peacock, but your also getting things done. The read is true of this carry style in general, but especially so if, like the gorgeous Eva, you tend to use bags of the practical variety.

How do you wear your bag?
@evauiterwijk wearing the Coachella Bag in Desert


Way #2: Worn over one shoulder with the bag swinging freely 

"The way author of 'Rachael's Gift' Alexandra Cameron wears her bag is swinging and open indicates a priority on ease and functionality over display." Keeping it buckled, closed, and situated at the front of her body might allow passerby to better check out the brand/shape/fabric/color.  

Thank you Alex for showing off your beautiful bag to the world! :)

Author Alexandra Cameron and het Harriet Bag


How do you wear your Handbag?
Edi wearing her Harriet Saddle Bag in Tan 

Way #4: Worn in crook of elbow

"Bags worn like this often indicate a priority on status and position," This pic of Bev from Iris MayStyle says "You're basically de-operationalizing one of your arms in order to carry something of that size, telling everyone you don't need to use both arms as you move around in the world. This harkens back to the times when women's packages were carried for them." This manner of carrying best shows off the brand specifics of the bag you're carrying, signaling your status to "those in the know" who can properly identify it.


Black Leather Tote Bag
 Iris May carries her Hampton Tote Bag in Black

Way 5 #: Held in hand

Some bags are so tiny there's no other option....

Sarah Wiseman wears Nikki Williams

Actress Sara Wiseman carrying the Zahara Clutch in Bronze


June 04, 2018 by NIKKI WILLIAMS



Nancy said:

It is still very popular now.


Nancy said:

It is still very popular now.

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