Do dreams come true?

They say the key to success is to simply show up every day and do what needs to be done. But showing up is the easy part.  Success loves preparation and a few other special ingredients we all have. If the perfect opportunity presented itself today, would you be ready? 

So how do you get ready I hear you say....Simple…..Work.

Success is NOT simply a matter of luck. It’s obtainable by all of us. No you don’t have to be in the right place at the right time. I have travelled the world and have been in plenty of places and had plenty of good times ;),  but it wasn’t down to luck. I worked hard, I planned, I talked to people, I told my story….

In a nutshell, the most practical, beautiful, workable idea in the world won’t work – if you won’t. You have to put in the time.  However, when you put in the time, it makes success all the more sweet.  I give myself totally achievable goals - sort of like small steps. Sure I have a big goals in mind for example “WORLD DOMINATION BY HANDBAGS – Bhaa ha  ha!!”, but I don’t let those larger dreams and goals cloud my everyday work.  I set my self a simple to – do list everyday. I start at the top and work my way down. Keep it simple.


It’s better to be ready and not have an opportunity, then to have an opportunity and not be ready.

When I received the call up from Vogue Magazine to send some handbags, I was ready. It sounds simple, but in this case it's all about the preparation that really makes an impact. To give you an idea of what I mean - I had my packaging ready, I had branded note cards ready, I had my own NIKKI WILLIAMS ribbon ready and a professionally printed brand book - yep ready. It merely wasn't just a case of sending off a handbag in the post. All those additional elements go into making my brand what it is and yep you guessed it that all took work to prepare :)

Nikki Willia



“Confidence is the companion of success.” ~Anonymous 

If you don’t believe in your abilities, don’t be surprised if no one else does either.  Your negative thoughts about yourself send a signal throughout the world that others pick up on and respond accordingly. Get positive and send out those good vibes!

Look the part. They say, dress for the job and they're totally right! Sure working in your pyjamas is great for a day or two, but dress for the part. It’s amazing how much more focused you can feel when you are looking sharp too.

Finally, reach out to people – email them and ask them if they’d be interested in a collaboration or if they'd like to comment on your ideas? You might not always get a great response, but if you’re positive and kind (like kind enough to read a little about them and seek out what they are interested in) then at the very least you’ve introduce one more person to your idea!


Dreams come true



Don’t underestimate the power you have over your own success. Yes you! You have impact, you have the power to change what people think.  “Treating people well" is a huge part of my business and one of our key mantras. So, serve your clients as you would have them serve you.  Meet their needs as you would have them meet your needs.  Give them prices that you would want to pay, exceed their expectations in a way that you would want your expectations to be exceeded.

You might not always know it, and you will never ever know how far it actually reaches.

Never underestimate that success is closer than you think and can be achieved in the simplest of gestures  – NW x


Amy Farrell

Amy Farrell said:

Awesome advice Nikki, like you, said recently in your interview with me, “you must work for what you get in life!”


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