How to Style a Tan Handbag

Despite the fact that I use a lot of different handbags, I know that most women have their staple everyday bag and perhaps change it out every now and then, or purchase a new clutch for a special event when needed.

So how do you keep it stylish, yet functional?  Is it possible to have the handbag you use daily be an enhancement to every outfit you wear?  It is.  

Before you run out and purchase a black bag thinking it will be the most versatile handbag you can use I am going to suggest you purchase a tan handbag instead.  Unlike the black bag, that you think will go with everything, a tan handbag will go with more.

How to style a tan bag


Tan matches everything, black doesn’t

Everyone believes that black accessories, like shoes and handbags, work with everything.  But what happens when you wear brown or navy?  Often, wearing these colours requires a bag change.  However, if your everyday bag was tan this wouldn’t have to be something you’d need to worry about.  To get the most out of the handbag you use everyday, you want to choose a colour that will fit right in with whatever you are wearing, from different shades of neutrals, like white, denim, navy and brown.


How to wear a Tan Bag

How to make a tan handbag your only handbag

Using Beau Bag in Tan below you will find five outfits of all different colors that look great with a tan handbag to show how easy it is to pair this color with whatever you are wearing, even black.  What you will also notice is that this bag not only works well with every color but the shade adds a level of sophistication to outfits that a black handbag can’t.  This is certainly not to say that you never need to buy a black handbag again, but, in terms of mileage, a tan handbag can be the one bag you can use the most often.


How to style a tan bag


 How to Style a Tan Bag

August 20, 2021 by NIKKI WILLIAMS