Chunky Chain Bags

Chains are having a major moment. While there are several other handbag trending right now,  it's the heavy hardware of the chain-adorned styles that are in focus.

We've always been a fan of chains, featuring them in our last two collections. So popularity has only increased as time has gone on. 

So skip the jewellery, and instead opt for a chunky chain handbag. You'll be surprised just how much glam one single strap can add to your look. 

Featured here is our Dallas Clutch with an optional short chunky chain. For more details  on how to wear it click here .  I can assure you it's basically three clutches in one, as you can wear it three different ways. 

 Chuncky Chain Bag


For an everyday style, you can't beat this one. Like the Dallas Clutch you can wear it more than one way. All straps and chains are removable, so you can even wear it as a clutch. Explore more here

Chain Bag


This show stopper is what is what everyone is talking about. Louis Vuitton has just released a similar one, Bottaga and Stella McCartney too. So its on the most-wanted list and is here to stay. 

Chunky Chain Bag
Timeless and elegant, a mini bag is the perfect day to night accessory. Take a look at this classic piece with chunky chain detail. 
Chunky Chain bag
Chunky Chain Handbags
August 25, 2021 by NIKKI WILLIAMS
Gold Box Clutch with braided woven detail

Forget Diamonds, Handbags Are A Girl’s best friend....

One of the most important relationships in any woman’s life is that between her and her bag. Whether you actually own your dream bag or just day dream about owning it, the enduring love and partnership between you too is an unbreakable bond.

But unlike our desire for a bigger diamond, our bags have become smaller

December 18, 2017 by NIKKI WILLIAMS
Do dreams come true?

Do dreams come true?

They say the key to success is to simply show up every day and do what needs to be done. But showing up is the easy part. It’s staying focused that’s the real challenge. 

Success is NOT simply a matter of luck. It’s obtainable by all of us. No you don’t have to be in the right place at the right time...
Interview with Insight Fashion Magazine

Interview with Insight Fashion Magazine

Can you believe it took me two years to come up with the name NIKKI WILLIAMS. Naming the brand after myself wasn’t what I orginally had in mind, but I just couldn’t find a name that encapulated the brand. We have a simple set of values: Make beautiful handbags. Treat people well. And tell you all the story of the leather goods we make – putting my name to what I do gives it a real honesty.
November 05, 2016 by nikki williams